Getting Comfortable

This past week I was a nomad. I went from city-to-city on a bus, all in hopes of finding the perfect job. In four days I took four different buses and several flights. I flew from Orlando to D.C., and then to NYC, then I took a bus to D.C., a bus back to NYC, then another bus to Boston, and then one more back to NYC, and finally I flew back to Orlando. But of course this post is neither about my travel experience, nor is it about getting a job, it’s about getting comfortable on a bus.

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My first bus from NYC to D.C. was a Boltz Bus, and it was a very nice experience, for the most part. I barely slept, because I couldn’t find the right angle to lean my head, and I feared that my head would end up on the German woman’s shoulder that was sitting next to me. So instead I took slight power naps and arrived in a zombie-state to D.C., and of course after almost four hours of sitting on a charter bus, I was stiff as a board and in need of stretching. I got off that bus, wondering how I was going to make it through the remaining bus rides. But when there is a will there is always a way!

My bus experience from D.C. to NYC was another interesting experience. While unconscious, the man next to me decided that my shoulder was a rather comfortable option to use as a pillow. This was followed by sudden jolts and random spasms. It was a rather awkward experience for me. During that bus ride I definitely didn’t get any sleep. Some people should not be travelling on a bus.

The third time’s a charm? Think again, the bus ride from NYC to Boston was at 1:30am, and I arrived early to the bus stop so that I can get a good seat, a seat where I would be able to stretch out and possibly get some sleep. Unfortunately, I really didn’t think it through, because in order for me to be comfortable and fall asleep, I need to be lying on my back, and I can’t really sleep on either side of my body.  Even after attempting to stretch out, there was the bump in between the two sits that dug into my spine, and there was just no way I could fall asleep. So, in the end I tried to get comfortable, and get some sleep, but it was all to no avail. I got to Boston, in pain and deadly tired.

From this experience I have learned that the best option for me is to fly whenever possible, that being said (flight donations are always appreciated: -P).  However, I did leave feeling like a rock-star, I managed to complete four interviews in three different cities in four days!

Death By Fall

Yes, it is true. I fell, yet again.

This fall is one that could have easily been prevented. It was Saturday morning, and there I was, dreaming I was sailing the seas, while speaking fluent Swedish. Amazing isn’t it? I don’t speak a word on a regular basis, but in my dreams it might as well be my mother tongue, and I might as well be a Viking…

But my peaceful slumber ended all too quickly, because all of a sudden I heard the stretching noise of my alarm. I was awake, and eager to turn off the vile sound, so I immediately rolled over and reached for the snooze.

My eagerness to stop the horrid sound my alarm was making, caused me to roll just a little too far, and I landed on the floor. So, there I was, 7:30 am on a Saturday morning, and I was on the floor.

Borrowed From: ACC Reports of Bed Fall Injuries

Not thinking too much about the fall, I just rolled back on to the bed and tried to take full advantage of my extra 10 minutes. Taking a few long deep breaths, I slowly began to fall right back into my dream.

When all of a sudden, without any prior warning my hip began generating piercing pain that was nothing less, than debilitating. Every deep inhale caused even more pain. My only escape was immobility and not breathing. This went on for about a minute or so, and then there was relief, and I was back to a normal amount of pain.

This excruciating attack of pain came three times during the weekend, and so today in morning I decided to pay a visit to Mia: Queen Bee of Everything Homeopathic. Unfortunately for me, Mia thought I should go directly to the hospital. So I did.

Not thinking twice about the entire event, I dragged my wonderful Swedish boyfriend to the hospital with me. Leaving behind his mountain of work he had to do, he joined me. Swedish hospitals work nothing like American hospitals. And it is these times (the times where I have to visit the emergency room) that I miss the comfort of the familiar. The end result was not really death by fall, but four hours, fifteen x-rays, and three different waiting rooms later, I was told there was nothing seriously wrong with me other than a spinal contusion.



Dancing The Night Away

I went out dancing on Friday night, and regrettably two days after I’m still stiff and in pain. This may have been due to the fact that I fell of my bike, or it could have been the two hours of dancing that I did. Unfortunately, every time I do go out dancing the next day is not such a pleasant day. This is a harsh reality for me to face, because dancing is apart of my life, a part of my culture and upbringing. I remember as a very small child my family would have large parties, and everyone ex cept my mama would be very intoxicated, and by the end of the night everyone would be dancing and singing. As a teenager I wanted to improve my salsa skills and I joined a salsa class, I only did it for a short period of time, because soon after I had to go through my first surgery, and it took years to regain the flexibility that was lost.

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Even with the pain and stiffness that comes accompanied to a night out, I still love to dance. This just happens to be my present reality, and the uncomfortable consequences that come with it.

“The world is nothing but my perception of it. I see only through myself. I hear only through the filter of my story.” Byron Katie, found on Dance With The Truth.