4 Products I Can’t Live Without

Here, I happily share the four products that I swear by—heck, live by.

1.Stability Ace Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace and Clavicle Support
This stability brace works wonders. Not only do I feel less pain when I wear it, but it has also improved my posture. What can possibly be better than that?


2. Angelica & Peony Ginger Menthol Balm
This balm is a blessing from all the angels above. It is cooling, yet warm, plus it is relieving. Imagine a nicer, all-natural, organic version of tiger balm. I love it!


3. Moji Curve PRO
This is the most expensive massage I have ever purchased and it was worth every penny. At $50, it’s not an inexpensive buy, but man is it worth it. You can freeze it and give yourself a cool massage, or just have it near your night stand and use it before going to bed. Your spine will thank you, I promise.


4. Epsom Salt
There is something incredibly magical about Epsom Salt. It makes you feel weightless, and has this amazing ability to reduce any inflammation in your body. I love taking baths, and if I can add Epsom Salt to my bath, it always makes my day.


What are your favorite pain-relieving products?

Just a side note, I have not been paid by anyone of these manufactures to write about these products. I simply wanted to share what works for me.

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