Answered: All the Must Have Items You Need To Prepare For Scoliosis Surgery


Having surgery is really not an easy thing to do, and it’s even harder if you are not prepared for it. To make it a little easier for you, I’ve created a list of must have items for when your are in the hospital, on your way home, and for when you get home.  Click here to access a downloadable pdf version.  Let me know if I missed anything!

Hospital Essentials

1. Hair Bandanas

You’re going to want an easy way to get your hair out of your face.

2.  Bobby Pins

Bobby pins
Because if you are anything like me, you have them everywhere and you never have them when you need them.

3. Hair Ties
Hair ties

It’s just a good idea to have as many hair restraining items as possible – especially while you are in the hospital.

4. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo


You are probably not going to be able to shower and having dry shampoo is a great alternative.

5. Bedside Care Foam
Wash yourself in bed

Since you are more than likely not going to be able to shower, this is an easy way to clean up while you’re stuck in bed.

6. Baby Wipes
Baby wipes

Personal hygiene is important, so having baby wipes around is a great alternative to the real deal.

7. Brush Your Teeth in Bed
Brush your teeth

You will probably be able to brush your teeth, but for the first day or two you may not want to get out of bed to actually do it. Having these around is a really handy alternative to getting out of bed and brushing your teeth.

8. Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer

Because hospitals have tons of germs.

9. Your Favorite Lotion

Your skin is going to get really dry after surgery and it’s really nice to have a lotion you love with you.

10. Your Favorite Lip Balm
Lip Balm

Make sure you have a good lip balm always handy for those chapped lips after surgery.

11. Saliva Producing Candy

Dry Mouth Drops

Anaesthesia really dries up your mouth, and the don’t like to give you water right after surgery. Make sure you have these (or something like it) so you can easily produce saliva.

12. Lots and Lots of Bendy Straws


They really help when you are trying to drink something in bed.

13. A Water Bottle

Water bottle

A water bottle that is spill-proof is really important for drinking in bed.

14. Night Mask

Eye mask

Hospitals tend to be really bright.

15. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs

Hospitals tend to be loud too.

16.  A Super Cozy Robe


Because you are going to be uncomfortable while you are in the hospital and it’s nice to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

17. Easy Slip on PJ


You’ll get a hospital gown but you’ll probably want your own.

18. Slippers


Bring cozy comfortable slippers that you love to wear.

19. Your Favorite Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animal

It’s nice to hold something while you’re sleeping.

20. Fuzzy Socks

Long socks

I like to have the knee high ones so they do not slip.

21. Head Massager

Head scratcher

Because it’s nice to get some relaxation in.

22. Long Back Scratcher
Back scratcher

So you can easily reach!

23. Guest Book

Guest book

Have your family and friends sign your guest book. It’ll be nice to read later and you might be sleeping when they come to visit anyway.

24. Prunes


You are going to want fiber in your diet to make it easy to go to the bathroom.

25. Add Some Flavor to Your Water

Water flavoring

Drinking endless amount of water gets old – add some flavor.

26. Your Favorite Chocolate Bar

Yummy chocolate

It’s nice to have a special treat when you’re not feeling well.

27. Your Favorite Snack
Kind Bars

These are my favorite 😉

28. Your Favorite Magazine


So you can easily skim through and read.

29. A Coloring Book + Coloring Essentials


Color pencils

Coloring book Sharpener



Because coloring therapy is amazing!

30. An Audio Book Subscription

Audio books

Makes it easy for you to just listen to any book you want to read.

31. Your Favorite Book


You may not be awake most of the time, but in case you are, it’s nice to have a book you love.

32. Bedside Caddy

Bedside caddy

Makes it easy to keep everything you need close by.

Everything You Need For the Drive Home

1. Comfy Panties

Any loose fitting panties made of cotton works well.

2. A Loose Button Down Shirt
Button down shirt

Easy to put on and take off.

3. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants

You may want to get several pairs to make it through the next few months while you are recuperating.

4. Donut Cushion
Donut cushion

Makes it more comfortable for you to sit in the car or any seat for a longer periods of time.

5. Lots and Lots of Pillows

Provides stability and support on your way home.

Home Essentials for After Surgery

1. Picker Upper Tool
Picker upper

Bending is not the easiest thing to do after surgery so you want to have one of these around  for those moments that no one else is around to help you.  

2. Shower Seat
Chair for shower

So you can easily shower alone.

3. Bedside Serving Table

Eat in bed table

Makes it easy for you to eat in bed.

4. A Nice Electric Heat Pad
Electric heat pad

If your Dr. recommends heat  therapy.

5. Cold Press
Cold press

If your Dr. recommends cold therapy.

6. Elevating Leg Pillow

Elevating leg rest

Really helps with lower back pain – still use one today!

7. A Bedrest

Bed rest sit up cushion Bed wedge






So you can sit comfortably in bed.

8. Pain Relieving Lotion & Oil
Icy hot Balsam fir needle - pain





I really like all natural remedies, but I recommend talking to your Dr. before using any all natural product.

9. Mederma For Your Scar


I found it really helped me, but I would recommend talking to your Dr. before you use it.

10.  Sleep Time Tea

Sleepy time tea

It’s not always easy to fall asleep when your in pain, a good tea might help.

Just a reminder, all items on this list are my personal recommendation based on my experience. I am not a medical professional, so please consult with your Dr. before using or purchasing any of my recommended products.

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11 thoughts on “Answered: All the Must Have Items You Need To Prepare For Scoliosis Surgery

    1. Well even if they have difficulty some one has to do it, and I am glad it is not me 🙂 SO, maybe the price is a few bruises and a sore arm, but its probably worth it in the end ♥

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I’m so Bless for the one’s who donate so I can have my transfusion. I so know how you feel about the nurses not been able to find your veins. I have pretty much experience that a lot in my life. Now I’m at the point of going for port so I don’t have to worry about going through so much pain in the near future! God Bless You:)

    have you did a post on your trip to Africa? I so would love to read it and hear about your experience if you don’t mind sharing!

  2. My mom had to have an emergency heart operation during the operation many pints of blood were used. I have always been thankful to those who had donated their blood. I have also become a blood donaor knowing that, in a small way, I am able to help save someone’s life.

    1. Exactly! It’s something so simple, and it can really make a difference in someone else’s life. It’s an honorable thing to do, and I think more people should really do it 🙂

  3. I try to donate blood every couple of months — sometimes it goes well, other times not so well. It’s definitely an easy way to bless people…

    1. It really is, you never know who your helping and it doesn’t really take much out of you 🙂 I wish it were easier to donate blood here in Sweden, but I am not allowed to donate if I am not Swedish…so I have to wait a few more years.

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