Pictures From My Past

I recently went through some of my childhood albums and I wanted to share with all of you a timeline of pictures that follows the progression of my spinal curve.


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6 thoughts on “Pictures From My Past

  1. Eliana, these were very telling, indeed; especially the love that surrounds you. To say I was touched by the images is indeed true. The surgeries, obviously harrowing, have changed you considerably; though, I know you still suffer pain.
    Loved the image ‘just for fun’. Is that a crocodile or alligator? What a brave young girl you were. Though, I guess it goes along with the territory, so to speak.
    Thank You for allowing us to see a little more deeply into what must be a trying journey.

  2. Hey Carolyn, haha, I was not the brave one in the photo. I was the kid barely touching the alligator at Gatorland in Orlando. I didn’t find my bravery until I had too. You know, bravery is within us all, we just have to let go of the fear. My family was there through it all; they gave me the courage to let go. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday! Big hug your way!

  3. My son calls my scar “the boo boo on mommy’s back.” The other day when I was wearing a tank top around the house, he said, “Mommy, I kiss your boo boo.” It made me cry a little.

    1. I don’t have kids, as I am sure you know, but I have six nieces and nephews and when they were very little I use to tell them I got in an epic battle with a shark or a pirate. They loved to hear how “adventurous” I was, though even then, i doubt they really believed me. Sorry for taking forever to respond. I’ve been in FL with my family and I had to step away for a few days to SF for a funeral. Hope you had a lovely new year!

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