What I’ve Learned from Loving a Person with Scoliosis

I asked my closest family and friends to share what they’ve learned from loving a person with scoliosis, and this is what they had to say:

I’ve learned a lot about resilience, and about individual strength to cope with and push through challenges. But I’ve also learned about helplessness, and understanding that as people we have an incredible capacity in some ways, but we are so restricted in others. — said my doting husband

I suffered a lot with everything you went through,and through your resilience and resignation, little by little, I learned to accept that in life we have to accept everything that is presented to us. I also learned that even through all the pain, you can move forward in life. You are a very strong person and I know that you provide an example to many people. — said my concerned mama

For me it was that you never felt sorry for yourself, felt inferior, or put any mental limitations on yourself because of your back. I’ve learned that you can modify anything you want to do regardless of your physical limitations. You can always make it work. — said my older, wiser brother

I’ve learned to adapt to whatever is going on with you on a particular day or time.

Also, I learned not to treat you any differently just because you have scoliosis. When Briana (your niece) was a baby, I remember asking you if you needed help carrying her or going up the stairs with her. It led to you getting upset and telling me not to treat you like you’re disabled. I learned not to treat you differently just because of your scoliosis.  — said my thoughtful sister

I’ve learned a few things about patience, and that your body is capable of truly amazing things! So never put limitations on yourself. I’ve also learned that strength comes in many different forms, and your strength is truly admirable. Lastly, just as a side note, after dancing till 5am one day you should expect it to be followed by a couple rest days. — said my dear sister-in-law

I’ve learned that you are a very strong person with super high pain tolerance, which always amazes me because you still project being a happy person. Not sure if most would be that way.  Also your sense of life, the curiosity for life, for doing it in the moment. There’s also this immense body awareness that you have that I don’t think most people have, because we all have this idea that things (accident, etc.) will not happen to us and our body will be there for us and so we wait and delay doing things, but you don’t. —  said my life-long friend

I’ve learned that every aspect of life can be a challenge—that it’s not just exercise or mobility but that it affects things like pregnancy and jobs, and of course has a massive emotional toll. — said my loving friend

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from Loving a Person with Scoliosis

    1. As a concerned mum of a son with with scoliosis it was good to find this information. Lots of it is relevant to anyone with scoliosis. Thankyou for putting this together x

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